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Producing wine is above all the result of competent team work. Our energy, our exacting standards and our passion are the driving force behind our wines which are created to be enjoyed with good food and company.

We guarantee highly professional work at every stage of production and keep our commitments towards the environment and society.

There is total traceability throughout the production chain which is subjected to regular checks from the vine to the bottle.

We are audited by the Terra Vitis association in order to keep our certification. Every year an inspector from the association checks that we comply with all the points in the recommended guidelines and at least every five years we are inspected by an external independent auditor from Afnor. We have passed the certification inspection with ease every year since 2003.

Our wines are guaranteed by the AOC: every lot has to receive the official approval from the organism that defends and manages the Appellation of Origin system before being allowed to go to market. Not only is the production facility (vineyards and cellars) approved, but the final product is also tasted systematically. For each vintage, a tasting commission that tastes the wines blind validates the visual, aromatic and taste qualities of each wine before being commercialised.

To obtain the status of Cru Bourgeois, the Bureau Veritas also carries out inspections on the production facility, the finished product and total traceability of the wine in question. The wine must be presented at a blind tasting every year. The Cru Bourgeois sticker on the bottles guarantees that the wine has met with all the criteria.

AFAQ. Since July 2011 we have been members of a collective programme for the ISO 14001 environmental certification. This initiative was put in place by the Bordeaux Wine Board (CIVB) so that the vast majority of wine domains in Bordeaux adhere to the norms. The Châteaux Villegeorge and La Tour de Bessan were among the first châteaux to be certified ISO 14001 within the Bordeaux association called SME (Environmental Management System) since July 2013. Château Duplessis joined the ranks in 2014.

CSR: Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility. Thanks to our partnership with the Hôtel Fouquet’s Barrière since the 2009 harvest, we won a CSR challenge in 2013. This award validates the commitment our teams have (those of our domains and of our partners) in annual events that finance environmental projects by restoring destroyed forests in the Landes area of Armagnac, bordering our wine region.

Our commitments to preserving the environment

Committed to preserving the environment in the best possible way for future generations, Marie-Laure Lurton practices sustainable viticulture.

  • Treat when necessary
    Sprays and other pest and disease treatments are only used after rigorous analysis and thought, guided primarily by daily observation of each vineyard block, taking into account weather forecasts and disease threats. The doses are adjusted to the leaf surface as the vine grows.
  • Specifically chosen treatments
    the products we use are chosen according to their eco-toxic rating and profile. This ensures that they do not have a negative impact on either our staff in the vineyards or on the environment.
  • Mechanical weeding not chemical
    In order to decrease the use of chemical weed killers and herbicides and to favour the aeration of soils in gravelly zones, we use mechanical weed and cover crop management: tilling, hilling up, disk harrow and tine devices to scrape the vine base. We have not used chemical herbicides at Château La Tour de Bessan or Villegeorge since 2009. On the clay soil zones at Château Duplessis, we maintain natural grass cover in the rows to support the machines driving through and the weed removal is limited to under the rows of vines with spike herbicide products (that don’t affect the seeds or roots of the plants).
  • Choice of natural materials
    We use wicker pickets on which to attach the vines so as not to damage the roots or leave undesirable residue in the soils. The shoots are held on the trellising wires with maize starch staples which are biodegradable.
  • Maintaining biodiversity
    We have planted hedgerows over time in the middle of our vine islands in order to break the monoculture and encourage the existing biodiversity. At Château de Villegeorge, a beekeeper has placed 3 beehives in the surrounding gardens to help pollination.
  • Waste Management
    We have made the choice to treat and recycle all our waste products through specialists. As for the waste water (rinsing), all three properties are equipped with a recycling system adapted to the respective needs.