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Château de Villegeorge


In the 18th century the wines of Château de Villegeorge were extremely well known for their quality, to the point where they fetched the same level of price as the Grand Cru, classed 3rd Growth in 1855.

In 1880, the domain was bought by the Clauzel family, which turned it into a model vineyard. When a committee of Bordeaux wine merchants established the Crus bourgeois level in 1932, Villegeorge was awarded Exceptional Growth status. This rating was confirmed again in 1966.

The quality of these deep gravel soils didn’t go unnoticed by Lucien Lurton who bought the property in 1973 and began restoring and rebuilding it.

When he divided his properties among his children, he entrusted Villegeorge to his daughter, Marie-Laure. A qualified enologist, she had already been doing the wine making at the château since 1986.

In 1997 the first stage of upgrades enabled the cellars to be extended and the installation of a waste water treatment plant. At the end of 2007 we started renovations again in order to extend the barrel cellar, modernise the grape reception area and build a reception room for events.

In 2003, the Terra Vitis system acknowledged our compliance with the guidelines and regulations necessary for certification that Emilie Roullé had put in place in 1999. The vineyard has been certified by Terra Vitis for the environmentally friendly practices we respect since 2003.

    Fact sheet

    The vineyard is 12,32 hectares and is situated on the commune of Avensan.
    The vineyard blocks are made up of deep gravel soils, particularly favourable for producing outstanding quality wines.

    Every stage of production is carefully adapted to each block. The soil, subsoil or aspect of the land are all important parameters that we take into account when planting vines.

    Haut Médoc AOC

    Total surface of vines: 12,3271 ha

    Grape varieties: 63% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 37% Merlot.

    - 30 to 50 000 bottles of Château de Villegeorge (first label wine)
    - 20 to 35 000 bottles of l'Etoile de Villegeorge (second label wine)

    Soils: deep quaternary gravel

    Vine Density: 6.666 to 7.692 vines/ha

    Average age of vines: 25 years

    Rootstocks: 101-14, 3309

    Average yield: 45 hl/ha

    Maturation: Oak barrels for the first label (10 to 16 months depending on the vintages)
    In tanks for the second label

    Bottled at the Château

    Eco friendly vineyard practices:
    Certified Terra Vitis since 2003